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Setting myself the challenge of 1000 days of Self Love, this blog documents my journey. From Day One and beyond, read with me as the experience unfolds. A live experiment with musings and tales from me, Amy Fox, a thirty-something-year-old writer and wanderer.


As well as documenting my own journey, the articles in this blog are a collection of experiences and thoughts that have occurred to me as I've been wandering around on this wondrous planet. I also share experiences of some alternative healing processes which have helped me along the way, as well as some of my more creative writing which has played a big part in my healing journey too. AND I've made a podcast! Basically the audio book version of the blog! Click the link if, like me, you prefer listening to reading! And click this link where you will find a step-by-step guide of how you can do 1000 Days of Self Love yourself. I would love so much to share this experience with others! Enjoy :)

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