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  • Amy Fox

Day One

‘Today on Monday the 8th August 2022, I Amy Louise Fox, make the commitment to love myself, all parts of myself, unconditionally, every single day, from this day forward. And so it is.’


OK here we go, it has officially begun…! Well the idea behind the content of this article has changed so many times throughout the course of today! This morning I imagined I’d be describing some profound inner child experience I’d had whilst doing my favourite Self Love meditation. But that didn’t happen. At lunchtime I planned to blog about how serene my cliché opening ceremony at Hampstead Heath was, but I didn’t make it there either.

I’d had it all planned out. At 2pm, when I finished work, I was going to fumigate my bedroom before heading out with Björk (my dog) to my favourite place in London, the glorious Hampstead Heath. Here I would find a quiet spot in the woods, light my white candle, surround it with crimson velvet rose petals, and declare my Self Love commitment with the trees and fae folk spirits as my witnesses. But, just as I was about to start fumigating my room, the cleaner arrived unexpectedly. Well this wouldn’t have been an issue if I didn’t have to hide the fact that my dog lives here with me and, awkwardly, that she has brought her flea friends home uninvited too. Having to hide a dog in your own home is hard enough, but having to hide the extermination of an out-of-control flea population is nigh impossible. Waiting for the cleaner to leave, it became too late to make the trek to the Heath so I decided to postpone the flea genocide and do my ceremony at home. A previous me would have been frustrated and disappointed about this, but the now me accepted things as they were and got on with it.

So I lit my white candle on my bedside table and encircled it with white, softly scented primrose petals (there was a bee going to town on the red rose so I left him to it and settled for a white one instead). I sat down on the side of my bed and recited my commitment phrase out loud. That was it. No going back. 1000 days of Self Love starts now. So I jumped straight in to my first act of Self Love. I treated myself to a sea salt and lavender essential oil foot bath whilst I did a 15-minute bare awareness meditation. It was a nice way to start. I fell asleep during the meditation so I must’ve started the challenge in a relaxed energy too. So far so good.

The next thing that happened is what I finally decided this article is going to be about, and something which took me completely by surprise. Only now, a few hours later, the buzzing energy in my body has subsided. I’d left the house with Björk after my foot bath, and headed to a nearby park for an evening stroll. When I got there my phone rang. It was a recruitment agent calling about a position I’d been applying for months ago. The call came completely out of the blue; it was totally unexpected. We had a great conversation and, by the end of the call, I'd secured an interview at the most interesting and exciting company I’ve come across in this particular field! Wow the universe acts fast!!!

It’s really interesting actually because this exact same thing happened at the end of last year when I’d been living in Bristol and looking for a job then too. I’d been searching for six weeks and my efforts hadn’t come to fruition yet. I’d started to feel quite concerned so, instead of putting even more effort into my job hunt, I decided to take three days off and dedicate these days solely to a course I’d recently bought on Self Love. For the next three days I would stay at home, sit on the sofa by the fire, and meticulously work through this course. I renounced job hunting completely during this time, as well as any other kind of work or distraction. By the end of the third day I’d received a phone call from an agency who wanted to put me forward for an extremely interesting and high profile client, in fact a client that I’d felt would be so unrealistic to work for that I'd joked with my boyfriend about it days earlier, a crazy coincidence!

And now THIS coincidence! The very first day I start my 1000 Days of Self Love challenge, no, the very first HOUR I start, I receive a similar phone call - a much needed light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, of course, we can explain this by coincidence, but I like to have more faith in the universe than that, and I like to have more belief in the power of Self Love than that too.

Of course I don’t know if I’m going to be successful in my upcoming interview, but the phone call I had today was uplifting and encouraging enough to brighten my spirits and give me a positive feeling that I can carry forward with me to the days ahead, and I’m extremely grateful for that.

I love the unexpected course of events, and outcome, on Day One of my challenge, it's brought a smile to my spirit so early on, and given me a deeper sense of excitement for what the next 999 days could bring...

To be continued...


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