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  • Amy Fox

The Commitment

My name’s Amy and welcome to the very first post on 1000 Days of Self Love. This blog has been inspired by an idea that came to me last year. I had known intellectually for a long time that I needed to love myself, I just had no idea what this meant or what it actually looked like. Self Love felt like an abstract concept to me.

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a book by Gay Hendricks called Learning to Love Yourself, so I bought it. Hendricks suggests in the book to officially commence your journey of Self Love with a commitment to yourself. Saying out loud something along the lines of -

'From this moment onwards I commit to loving myself, all parts of myself, every single day.’

And it was this commitment that gave me my idea. I thought - 'wouldn’t it be good to actually love myself every day?' 'To make the effort to consciously do something, in the name of Self Love, every single day?' So I decided that’s what I would do. And I gave it a timeline - one thousand days. I would do at least one act of Self Love, consciously, every day for the next one thousand days. The key here was to be conscious about what I was doing. I mean, for example, meditation would be an act of Self Love for me, but perhaps I was doing that every day anyway. What I wanted to do was dedicate that meditation to myself, to know consciously that that was specifically why I was doing it that day. Like giving myself a little gift with the awareness that it was to show love to myself. And so to help me with this I came up with the following phrase -

‘Today on day (fill in the blank) I consciously choose to (fill in the blank) as an act of Self Love.’

So, for example -

‘Today on day 342 I consciously choose to spend time in nature as an act of Self Love.’

And I would say this phrase out loud each time I was about to do something self loving.

Often it wasn’t just one thing I did each day, sometimes it would be three or four. But it always, without fail, had to be at least one.

And so this is what I did for the next, I think, about 110 days. But then I stopped. I can’t really remember why I stopped, I just did. But here I am now, almost a year after stopping and I hereby declare to the world that I’m starting again! I’m starting from day one and this blog will be documenting my journey. As well as updates of how the commitment is going, I’m also going to be sharing with you some musings and experiences I’ve had whilst wandering around on this wondrous earth. I’m also going to share some things that have really helped me on my path up until now and maybe, just maybe, there might be some nuggets that could be helpful to you too!

I’d like to take this opportunity though to acknowledge that these experiences and this wisdom is what has come to form my own subjective truth, so please read with an open mind remembering that your truth is yours and your healing path is yours too. So only you know what is true for you and what will be beneficial for your healing.

I hope so much that you’ll join me on this journey, not necessarily following my progress, but to actually take the challenge with me. I think the more of us who share this experience together the better, so if you’re up for the challenge then read on to the next post where I’ll describe the process I’m going to be using and I invite you to make this commitment with me!

Click this link to listen to the podcast version of this blog post


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